MyIPFS ScriptThe Gateway to Your IPFS Network

MyIPFS Script
Innovative Gateway to IPFS Storage Network

Store and retrieve Files on the IPFS Decentralized Network without having to deal with the complexities of the command line interface.

MyIPFS Script
Friendly Interface

Highly Professional User Interface with cutting edge technology on Backend. MyIPFS is a Powerful Script Lightweight, Responsive and Mobile platform Optimized.

Your Resources under Control

Always keep the Storage capacity of your Providers under control with interactive graphics and Tools dedicated to the management of your Files.

Setup in the fly

Incredibly simple to use, dedicated to all those who have no technical experience and want to access the potential of IPFS Network.

Extremely Flexible

Choose how to access the IPFS Network, through 4 of the major Providers globally; add your API's and you're ready in a few clicks.

Your Files under Control

Get unique CIDs of each of your Files, create direct links to IPFS, delete them or download the Backups from the list.

Use it Anywhere

Use MyIPFS on any Hosting: dedicated, or shared; on a subdomain or in a folder. It does not require databases or particular resources.

"Distributing Content on a Global Scale"

MyIPFS Script is the perfect tool for distributing content on a Global scale. With MyIPFS, you can easily publish content to the IPFS network and make it available to anyone you want, anywhere in the World. This allows you to reach a global audience without relying on traditional centralized distribution channels. With MyIPFS, you can optimize your content distribution strategy and reach more people than ever before. Another key feature of MyIPFS is its speed and reliability.

Storing and Sharing Files Securely
The Key feature of MyIPFS is its ability to store and share Your Files Securely on IPFS: you can easily upload Your Files to the IPFS Network and share them with others in a completely decentralized manner. No files on your Web Hosting: this means that Your Files are stored across multiple Nodes on the Network, making them virtually impossible to hack or tamper with.

Complete control over your Data

Access Your Files from anywhere in the world

With MyIPFS, you have complete Control over your Data and can access it from anywhere in the World, without any restriction. Whether you’re a seasoned Developer or a novice user, you’ll find everything you need to get started with MyIPFS!

MyIPFS Major Features
  • Access IPFS without technical knowledge

  • Upload your content to 4 different IPFS Storage

  • List of your Files, unique CID and Search

  • Copy Hash, Direct link to files on IPFS, delete from list

  • Comprehensive internal section with Instructions and FAQ’s

  • No Database, Full script less than 15MB

MyIPFS Script

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MyIPFS Script v.1.0

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Got Questions? Look Here

Below are some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding MyIPFS Script

Can I install MyIPFS to any Server?

Yes. However, we recommend using it on Linux environments for maximum performance.

What are the requirements for using MyIPFS?

MyIPFS Script requires few server resources: PHP version 7 and higher, cURL module active.

Can I use MyIPFS on different devices?

Certainly: MyIPFS is an optimized Platform that can be used on Desktop, Tablet and even through a mobile device.

Do you have a free trial?

Our Live Demo is available for free at, where you can Test the Features of MyIPFS Script with few limitations.

I can use MuIPFS with my WordPress website?

No: MyIPFS is a standalone platform. But it can be used without problems in a folder of your web space.

Can i purchase MyIPFS Script in other Websites?

No. At the moment the only way to buy MyIPFS Script is on our official Shop. It is not excluded that it could be proposed in the future on other Markets.

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