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Dokky Script

Document Viewing and Sharing Platform

Share your Documentations or PDFs, in just a few Clicks: Dokky LITE is the New Modern, Efficient and Easy to use PHP Script to Manage your Online Document Library. Or Create your Ebook Shop in the fly: Sell Files with Dokky PRO, powered by ScriptNet Solutions.

User Friendly Interface

Highly Professional User Interface with cutting edge technology. Dokky LITE and the PRO version is Lightweight, Responsive and Mobile Optimized

Unlimited Uploads and Profiles

Lighting fast Uploads and Downloads of Docs and PDF. Create your Community of Users with their own Stats, Pubblic Profiles, Feeds, Comments and much more

Beautiful Features and Options

Clean and Modern Style; change colors of your Dokky LITE and PRO Script in seconds, add your SEO Descriptions, Socials and Links to your Platform

Customizable and extremely Flexible

Install Dokky LITE and PRO Script everywhere; whether it is the Root of a Domain, a Folder or a Subdomain; also on Shared Hosting in no time!

Boost your Ranking on the Web

Boost your Brand Name, Domain and Page Authority: with Dokky Script you can create tons of Good Links for your Website and Documentations on the SERPS

Show, Share and Gain

Your Content counts! Add your Banners Codes that will be displayed on all pages; include Affilite Links or Sell Safely your Files directly from Dokky PRO

"Modern and Intuitive User Experience in Document Management"

With its Advanced Features and Customization Flexibility, "Dokky LITE Bookcase Script" and "Dokky PRO Ebook Shop" are the ideal Tools for anyone who wants to Read, Share or Sell Documents Online, easily and efficiently.

Dokky LITE Script with really low cost, Modern and intuitive Interface, make it accessible to everyone: from Professionals such as Lawyers or Doctors, to Web Agencies, Webmasters, Bookstores, Comic Shops and so on. Dokky is a Standalone Complete Solution that allows you to create a Documentation Hub Platform, and is the ideal Webtool to increase your Domain Authority, improve Branding, generate new Links or Sell your Documents.

In the Powerful version of Dokky PRO Shop, further possibilities have been added to Increase your Earnings become even more easy: it is possible to Sell the File thru an External Url or Affiliate Link (e.g. Amazon, Kindle etc.) or, to allow You (and your Users) to Sell Documents directly via Dokky PRO, with its Paypal Native System integrated.
Add the ISBN, Publisher, Author and Your price in just a few moments: that's all!

Modern Design, Infinte Options

Dokky LITE Features

  • Ads ready: Dokky allows you to easily integrate 5 Ads on your website, increasing your Revenue
  • SMTP mail: send password reset emails to users quickly and securely
  • Domain: Installable on Shared Hosting, subdomains or folders, offering flexibility and ease of use
  • SEO ready: Dokky is Fully Optimized for Search Engines, with configurable meta, tags and descriptions
  • 5 Colors Available: Personalize your Website by choosing from five different color options
  • 404, Privacy and Cookies: Dokky offers predefined pages to manage cookies errors and warnings
  • User Management: SignUp, SignIn and password recovery; complete System to manage access to your Website
  • User Public Profile: Bio, Links, List Files uploaded and personal Rss Feed
  • User Edit Profile: Edit Bio, Links, edit your Documents or delete your account
  • Infinite scroll: Easily navigate through documents thanks to the infinite scroll with Lazyload
  • Preview related files in the same Category: View files in doc, docs, docx and pdf formats
  • Edit File: Users can Update their Files informations, or delete it, in any moment
  • Edit File: Publisher informations and External Link for Sale the Document thru third party shop online
  • Edit File: Users can make the Documents private; the Files will be available only to logged visitors
  • Edit File: Dokky automatically generates a Preview with each upload; users can recreate it if necessary
  • Secure Encryptions: Encrypted URLs and maximum security on the most well-known injection methods
  • Global Feeds: W3C Valid Global RSS, Popular Files, Most Downloaded and Sitemap XML included
  • Categories, Descriptions and Tags: Organize your Documents efficiently and intuitively
  • Search by Tags, Categories and Keywords: Find documents easily thanks to the Advanced Search functions
  • Profile Statistics: Dokky offers a detailed overview of the Files activities on the website
  • View Documents in HQ, Full-screen and sharing functions: Manage documents easily, share them on social media, via embed code, download or QR code
  • 100% responsive: Dokky is optimized for all Devices, ensuring a pleasant user experience
  • File Comments: Users can Comments Files. Owners can Approve or Ban Comments and Emails in seconds

Dokky PRO Extra Features

  • Dokky PRO: Simple and fast Installer that allows you an intuitive Setup of your Shop
  • Dokky PRO: Back-end administrator with Statistics and the global Configurations of all functions
  • Dokky PRO: Back-end administrator can set easily texts of the Homepage, Privacy, Cookie and Terms of Service of the Portal
  • Dokky PRO: Payment system integrated with PayPal that allows you to Sell Documents directly from Dokky
  • Dokky PRO: Sending Email to anyone who Purchases a Document, with an encrypted and Timed Link
  • Dokky PRO: Contact Form and integrated Google Maps; stay connect with your Users
  • Dokky PRO: DMCA Auto System, allow to receive Alerts and automaticallu suspend or Delete Files with infringement reports
  • Dokky PRO: Shortner URLs and QR Codes correlated to your Documentation with Stats (JmpTo API)
  • Dokky PRO: Users can "Like" or "Dislike" Contents; Logs of the Users personal Uploads and more Stats
  • Dokky PRO: Users decide which of the 7 available Creative Commons Licenses, to use to Share their Documents

  • Dokky PRO: Exclusive "ScriptBay for Dokky" Add-on (not Included); increase your earnings through eBay EPN
  • Dokky PRO: Exclusive "IPFS for Dokky PRO" Add-on (not Included); Upload Files to IPFS, Choose up to 4 Providers in just 1 Click

IPFS x Dokky PRO

IPFS Gateway for Dokky PRO

This Add-on allows Dokky PRO Script to Enrich the options of your Online Bookcase, Decentralizing the uploaded Documentations, saving Bandwidth and Web Space, thanks to the P2P Features of IPFS for Dokky PRO.

More Features for your Users
  • For those who want to enrich their Online Bookcase Platform with Exclusive and Modern Features, offering their Users the possibility of Upload the Documents to 4 different Major IPFS Providers.

  • This specific version of IPFS for Dokky PRO, allows all Registered Users to Upload and their Files via IPFS Network, ensures robust Decentralization, enhancing accessibility and reliability for Readers Worldwide, as the contents is replicated across multiple Nodes, mitigating the risk of single points of failure.

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Dokky PHP Script v.1.4

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  • Receive 365/24/7 Top Class Support and Updates!

Dokky php Script

Got Questions? Look Here

Below are some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Dokky php Script

Can I install Dokky Script to any Server?

Yes. Dokky Script works. For this reason we have a List of Exellent Hosting Providers for you.

What are the requirements for using Dokky Script?

Dokky requires only few server resources, for correct operation and setup, you need only few things. Download all the information.

Can I use Dokky Script on different devices?

Certainly: Dokky is an optimized Standalone Platform that can be used on Desktop, Tablet and obviously through a Mobile device.

Do you have a free trial?

Dokky Script Live Demo is available for free; you can check all the Features of Dokky PRO with few limitations.

I can use Dokky Script with my WordPress website?

No: Dokky is a Standalone PHP Script, not a WordPress Plugin or Theme.

How i can add IPFS to my Dokky PRO?

IPFS Addon for Dokky is Available our Shop; you can purchase it in just few clicks and follow the simple instructions included.

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