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SneakPeek Features
Be indipendent from extra costs

You can drastically cut all the costs relate to external services as per PDF creation online or API requests for Web Thumbnails

SneakPeek Features
Images and PDF as you need

⧉SneakPeek Suite allow you to create Unlimited PDF from URL or Website Previews in the fly, Manually or via API

SneakPeek Features
Easy Integration

⧉SneakPeek have tons of Resources: Copy and Paste Code ready to use on any website, WordPress included!

⧉SneakPeek Setup

Setup, Upload and Go!

⧉SNEAKPEEK is one of the Highest Quality Scripts available on the Market for Linux Servers and it provides more Features than any other Online Service competition's sites

An highly Professional User Interface with cutting edge technology on the Front-End and Backend. It is Modern, using Angular.Js Single Page Application along with PHP, HTML5 and Bootstrap. What makes this Powerful Script Lightweight, Responsive, Mobile-Optimized, and Cross-Platform compatible.


Add manually the quality, Height and Width of the Images generated, or a standard size of those generated via API.


Expand Your Marketing and Brand: add a Custom Image as a Trademark for all generated Images or PDF.


Update an already created Snapshot in seconds, or Auto Backup your files directly to your DropBox Account! (*Separate Addon)


Team of Web Agencies with individual resources for increase the effectiveness of their Marketing and Branding Strategies. (*Separate Addon)

⧉SneakPeek Suite Codes

Efficiency, Simplicity, Easiness

In the exhaustive Documentation, you will find the most suitable Solutions for your needs, in order to obtain 100% of the functionality of ⧉SneakPeek Suite.
Curious? Discover all the Functions!

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