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Url to Image and PDF Platform

Create in the fly, all Custom Website Screenshots via URL, REST API, or manually create all Branded PDF you need.

SneakPeek Platform
Friendly Interface

Highly Professional User Interface with cutting edge technology on the Front-End and Backend. ⧉SneakPeek is a Powerful Script Lightweight, Responsive and Mobile platform Optimized.

Unlimited Screenshots and PDF

A robust REST API that can be Customized with Measurements and Quality of Web Thumbnails. Create dozens of Screenshots in a flash; add an URL, decide the size and quality; Copy & Paste Done!

Powerful Options

Update or delete an already created Snapshot in seconds, or Auto Backup your files directly to your DropBox Account.

Extremely Flexible

With ⧉SneakPeek you can Create No Limit Website Snapshots manually or via API with the ready-to-use code on HTML, PHP and WordPress platforms.

Web Marketing friendly

Add your Logo on every Website Screenshot and PDF generated with ⧉SneakPeek Suite; Increase Your Web Presence and Boost your Brand around the Web.

Dedicated Addons

⧉SneakPeek Suite adapts to all needs, from Webmasters, up to Web Agencies: Addons dedicated to Increasing flexibility and available Resources

"1 Image Worth more than 1000 Worlds..."

Enriching the Contents of your Websites with Images related to external Links has become Cheaper, Simpler, Faster and more Effective than third party services.

⧉SneakPeek Script will help you in the creation of Branded PDF Presentations, Marketing Research, or by providing the Team of Web Agencies with individual resources for increase effectiveness of Marketing Channels and Branding strategies.
Note: ⧉SneakPeek is a Standalone Platform, it needs Wkhtmltopdf installed and active on your Server for proper functioning.

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Multi User Platform

⧉SneakPeek Multi User dedicated Addon allows you to register an Unlimited number of new Users on ⧉SneakPeek.

The Best Web Agency Solution
  • Each new Profile has a dedicated private space where you can create and edit your own Screenshots and PDFs, tokens for using the API and personal "copy and paste" codes.

  • If the ⧉SneakPeek Dropbox Addon is also used, Users can import their files into their personal Dropbox Account. (Documentation Included)

SneakPeek Multiuser
SneakPeek on Dropbox

DropBox Backup

This Addon allows your ⧉SneakPeek platform to be able to import and save all the Screenshots and PDFs created on your Dropbox account.

Make your Work more Efficient
  • It is an excellent system to be able to subsequently share or modify the files created with ⧉SneakPeek Suite at will; it also allows you to subsequently delete files from the platform and save space, in case your Server does not have enough space.

  • This Addon includes a cron system; it is therefore necessary to have access to this functionality on your server. This Addon requires the creation of an App on Dropbox, with which to connect SneakPeek Suite.

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⧉SneakPeek Full Suite

  • Purchase the lates Lersion with Confidence and in just few cliks!

  • WordPress Plugin, Multi User Suite, DropBox Addons included!

  • Receive 365/24/7 Top Class Support and Updates!

Got Questions? Look Here

Below are some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding ⧉SneakPeek Suite

Can I install ⧉SneakPeek to any Server?

No. ⧉SneakPeek is a Script dedicated to Linux Servers only. For this reason we have a List of Exellent Hosting Providers for you.

What are the requirements for using ⧉SneakPeek?

⧉SneakPeek requires few server resources, but for correct operation and setup, minimal computer knowledge is required. You can download all the information here.

Can I use ⧉SneakPeek on different devices?

Certainly: ⧉SneakPeek is an optimized Platform that can be used on Desktop, Tablet and even through a mobile device.

Do you have a free trial?

Our Live Demo is available for free here, where you can Test all the Features of ⧉SneakPeek Suite without problems.

I can use ⧉SneakPeek with my WordPress website?

Absolutely yes: ⧉SneakPeek Suite includes a Plugin dedicated to WordPress, which will allow you to view previews of external links on your website.

Can i purchase the Full ⧉SneakPeek with Addons?

Sure, in our new Online Shop, you can select ⧉SneakPeek Suite Script, the available Addons and buy them in a single purchase.

Have more questions? Ask your question here

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